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Our Committee

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Stephen McNally


Steve is the current chair of FoSP.  He is really keen in making FoSP the best group it can be, working hard for the community.

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Keith Jones

Deputy Chair

Keith is the backbone of the committee and has been with the organisation since its inception. He is also the resident horticultural wizard who knows everything you need to know about the park, planting and growing plants and vegetables. He makes sure our raised beds are the best they can be. Without him we wouldn't be able to do half the fun things we do!

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Donna Winrow


Donna joined FoSP accidentally. She took minutes one night as a favour and she was hooked. She lives locally and spends a lot of time in the park with her doggies. She currently combines the Secretary role with fund raising and has helped bring some amazing partnerships into the park.

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Lynn Edwards


Lynn is the newest member of the committee and is learning the ropes. She loves computers and technology. Have you seen the QR codes she put on the raised beds? They are links to websites so you can read about the plants and pollinators found in there.

Other Committee Roles

Alongside Keith, Margaret Atkins​ is one of the founder members of the committee.

Committee members are voted in during our October AGM.  

We would love more members to come on board. 

 If you are interested, please get in touch and let us know what role you feel you could do. 

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